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Pit Boss VS Traeger: Which One is Better?

Great, you’ve decided to buy a pellet grill, but which brand should you choose? You’re sitting looking at all the different models, undecided what is the best.  We know how you feel, as it can be overwhelming.

Yet, you heard that the Traeger and Pit Boss are some of the best pellet grills on the market. Great, but which one is better? Even more confusing. We’re here to help with a comparison of the Pit boss vs Traeger grills.

So grab some drinks and snacks to find out which one will work best for you.

Pit boss vs Traeger Pellets History

Okay, this is where things start to get even more confusing when it comes to the two brands. Yip, but it helps to know where these pellet grills come from. So please bear with us a bit longer.

The truth is that both come from Danson Incorporation in China. Yes, you heard right. However, Traeger first belonged to Joe Traeger in 1986, and with his patented design, he overruled the market. So in 1999, Pit Boss was founded by Danson and competed well in the BBQ market.

When the Traeger patent lapsed in 2006, the market was open to all to fuel the innovation. Joe sold the business to Danson in 2006, and it is now manufactured in China. However, both these grills are of high quality at reasonable prices.

In addition, both brands provide you with a wide selection of gas to charcoal grills. Another interesting fact is that Damson also owns Louisiana Grills, who make some of the best pellet smokers.

Mmm, interesting as to which one is better, seeing that it is made by the same organization now.

So Which One is Better in the Pit Boss Smoker vs. Traeger Saga

Excellent, now I know where the two models come from, but how do I know which one is the best. So when you look at them side-by-side, we avoid saying one is better than the other.

Why, one model can be more cost-effective with outstanding features while the other is expensive depending on what is offered. So the best for you is to look at your budget and what features you need to make your delicious barbeque, and it all comes down to preference.

Both trademarks are continually updating the construction but do have some distinctions.

Pit Boss Pellet vs.Traeger Pellets

CONSTRUCTION: Traeger is the leader here with a solid build compared to Pit Boss

COOKING SPACE: Both provide ample space for preparing food.

HOPPER SIZE: In the Pit Boss range, you get many different sizes influencing how long you can smoke your meat.

STANDOUT FEATURE: Okay, there is another big difference while Pit Boss presents you with a “slide-and-sear” searing zone above the firepot. Traeger, on the other hand, lets you connect with Wi-Fi.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Both products offer an excellent temp range, but with Traeger, you get more temp ranges than Pit Boss, only providing you up to 25°F.

WIDELY RECOGNIZED: While Traeger comes at a premium price compared to Pit Boss, it is still a recognized brand name, and there is no need for them to bring down the cost.

WARRANTY: Here, we have a big difference as Traeger comes with a two-year one, and Pit Boss provides you with a five-year guarantee.

VALUE: Both offer you value for money as both reign in the market and the latest Traeger models are better than the older ones. However, the Pit Boss is more affordable than Traeger ranging in prices when it comes to prices.

As you can see, it all comes down to how much you want to spend and if you do need all that added features. So let’s look at the different models available in the brand.

Pit Boss Pellet Grill vs. Traeger Comparison

Okay, great I have read all of the above, but how do they stack against each other when comparing Traeger Grill vs. Pit Boss. Here are some of their popular pellet grills.

Traeger Grill vs. Pit Boss Made for Limited Space

Pit Boss 5 Series

pit boss vs traeger The pellet smoker has a vertical design. Yes, it is different compared to the traditional look. But hey, if you have limited space, it fits into that small space comfortably. Your food still comes out with great flavors, and it is easy to use without wasting any pellets. All you do is turn it on and fill up the firebox and wait for the flavors to move through your food.

You get a digital control burn system with porcelain-coated grids and a 40lb hopper capacity with hopper chute. The cooking space is 1659 square inches, enough to prepare a feast. We love the digital probe keeping the heat between 150° to 450°, but they can do a bit better here compared to your Traeger brand. However, you can cook at low and slow heat with brisket and ribs.

Another standout is removing those unused pellets that are always a pain. The good news is the cleanout chute stores all of that, and you open it, and it falls out. So cleaning up is a breeze.

Traeger Pro Series 575

pit boss vs traeger The Pro Series 575 is a popular model in their series, and you can buy it in two sizes and colors. Okay, it might not have the massive cooking availability as the previous model but still provides you with 575 and 789 square inches. The color is fantastic in bronze or black. Compared to the Pit Boss, this one comes with Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to the app and control it from anywhere in your home.

To control the heat, it has a D2 direct drive keeping the temperature between 180° to 450°F, and it has an RTD probe to maintain even cooking. Another highlight when it comes to the cleanout is that you can change your flavor of smoking anytime. Neither does it waste or suck up the wood pellets and only uses 2lbs of it per hour pretty amazing.

However, remember the max temp is only 450° F and is not suitable for doing many searings at a time.

Pit Boss Pellet Grill vs. Traeger For Larger Functions

Pit Boss PB820FB

pit boss vs traeger Now, if you enjoy entertaining guests, the PB820FB is what you need. You can cook while avoiding hassles when it comes to this pellet grill. The cooking space of 800 square inches is impressive, and it also comes with a digital control burn system.

In addition, you get an eight-in-one cooking option with porcelain-coated grids and a 20lb firebox. The control system gives you a LED readout to keep an eye on the heat. You can use it with natural wood to infuse into the food.

The temp range is 180° to 500°F and more than the previous products on the list mentioned. You need not babysit your grill as you only need to add your logs, set the desired temp, and let this baby take over.

You even get rolling wheels to move this model from one place to another, and it has heavy-duty legs and is worth the price.

Traeger Pro Series 34

pit boss vs traeger The first thing that will impress you is the great looks of the black-colored grill with the barrel shape of the Pro Series 34. The sawhorse-formed undercarriage provides stability while the wheels make transporting it more accessible. Once you check under that lid, you notice the porcelain-coated grids distributing the heat evenly.

You get 884 sq. in. cooking capacity to smoke up to eight chickens is pretty amazing, right. You can use the smoker to bake, braise, cook, BBQ, grill, and so much more. You get precise heat with the digital probe to set to the desired temp, and there is no need for babysitting at all.

The best part is you smoke on the go, and it is great to make all types of cuisine for family and friends.

Pit Boss Smoker vs. Traeger Packed with Features

Pit Boss PB850G

pit boss vs traegerThe Navigator 850 offers advanced grilling with a heavily built design to fuel natural hardwood. You can enjoy a bigger yet hotter function with ample cooking space of 879 square inches. It has porcelain cast-iron grates with a slide plate flame broiler for using direct and indirect heat cooking.

You get eight-in-one cooking to smoke your meat, sear, braise, char-grill, bake, and more. The 28lb hopper allows for ease of use, and it comes with a pellet door cleanout. In addition, you receive a meat probe and a dial-in digital control board with an LED read-out to keep an eye on the heat.

The front shelf folds out, and it comes with a cover and wheels for transporting.

Traeger Ironwood 885

pit boss vs traeger The Ironwood 885 elevates your barbequing with WiFIRE to change the heat, set your timers, and monitor your food from anywhere. It has a sensor tracking the pellet levels, and through your app, you can keep an eye on it. One thing is sure you will never run out of wood in the middle of your BBQ.

When it comes to Pit Boss Pellet Grills vs. Traeger for insulation, Traeger comes out top with double side-wall insulation providing consistency throughout your cooking in cold weather. You can even grill smarter using only voice to adjust the food temperatures. In contrast, it has more power, with the D2 Direct Drive taking your outdoor cooking to another level.

It has handy wheels for transport, and it comes with an auto-ignition start to simplify things for you. There is also a variable fan stoking the fire and circulates the smoke and heat around your food. Pretty impressive.

So What is the Verdict

As you can see, comparing the Traeger grill vs. Pit Boss comes with some exceptions. But both these brands are fantastic and are some of the best pellet smokers available on the market today. In addition, both of them will outlast most other brands, and they offer you a generous warranty. So the big thing is which one suits your allowance and needs when it comes to finding the best pellet grill. It all comes down to preference and your cooking needs. So enjoy shopping for your top-of-the-line smokers in the collection.

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