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Pit Boss Recipes: Delicious and Great for Beginners

Smoking is a classic method of preparing meat dishes and BBQ, because it works perfectly well for keeping the meat’s natural color and juiciness. If you’re looking for a quick weekend supper and don’t know what to make, we’ve got you covered with these delicious Pit Boss recipes.

When it comes to entertaining lunches or dinners with your friends, grill smokers come in handy. There are quite a few easy Pit Boss recipes to choose from, and we’ve included a few of the most popular below.

So, check them out.

Best Pit Boss Pellet Smoker Recipes

  1. Pit Boss Brisket Recipe

pit boss recipes



1. Remove The Fats

If you have a frozen brisket, make sure to thaw it overnight in the refrigerator. After that, you’ll need to prepare it by cutting away extra the fat, particularly the fat cap above it.

The fat cap is a large slab of fat located on the brisket that should be trimmed. You’ll only need around 1/4 inch of that fat to keep the brisket from drying out during cooking.

Glide a sharp-edged flexible knife into the fat cap to do this. Leave an even quantity of fat on the region to ensure that all parts of the brisket remain juicy and tender during the smoking.

2. Season The Brisket

Season the brisket with the Pit Boss Beef And Brisket Rub. Use a generous amount and spread it all over the brisket to ensure that the tastes are balanced.

You may also do the same with your favorite rub mix. I like the Pit Boss Beef And Brisket Rub, but you may substitute it with your favorite if you believe this one is too strong for you.

There are times when I prefer a hotter spicier version, therefore just like me, you may add extra spices to the rub. Simply combine them in a mixing bowl first to balance out the spices in the rub.

3. Preheat The Pit Boss Grill

This cooking procedure will take a long time, so fill your pellet hopper to the top and have at least one bag of wood pellets ready to replenish the pellet hopper.

Set up the Pit Boss grill and light the pellets while selecting the smoke setting. It will improve the smoking capabilities of the Pit Boss grill and give your brisket the best smoky taste.

Preheat the oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. It will begin slowly, so there is no need to rush the process because it may be more difficult for the pellet grill to cool down from a high temperature.

Prepare your brisket after the Pit Boss pellet grill has reached the proper temperature. Take your meat probe to measure the interior temperature of the meat while it cooks.

4. Smoke The Brisket

Place the brisket on the grill and smoke it with the fat side up. It will absorb more smoke and cook at a more even rate if you place it directly on the grill grates.

Close the top and let the brisket smoke for 8 to 10 hours. When the timer set for 8 hours is up, place a meat probe into the thickest portion of the brisket to check the internal temperature.

The brisket should achieve an internal temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the temperature at which the heat would have killed all bacteria and germs in the meat, while cooking the meat enough to make it juicy and delicious.

5. Resting And Serving

The brisket should be removed from the pellet grill when the internal temperature is slightly below the desired temperature. That’s because the brisket will continue to cook for a while even when outside of the pellet grill.

Allow the brisket to rest for at least an hour on a chopping board, still covered in butcher paper. It will allow the brisket to cool down and get its flavor developed.

Prepare your side dishes and cook anything you need to while you wait for the brisket to get ready. After an hour, slice the brisket and serve with your favorite side dishes and sauces.

  1. Easy Pit Boss Ribs Recipe

pit boss recipes


  • Two racks beef ribs
  • 1 to 2 quarts apple juice
  • BBQ sauce with a southern flair
  • dry rub or spice mix of your choice


1. Get The Pit Boss Pellet Grill Ready:

For your first cooking session, you’ll need to load your Pit Boss pellet grill with wood pellets and light the fire. Close the grill and set the temperature to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

It won’t take long, so prepare the other ingredients while you wait for the grill to reach the desired temperature. Then you can cook straight away once the grill is ready to avoid wasting wood pellets.

2. Prepare The Ribs:

To get the smoke and other flavors into the meat, you’ll need to remove the membrane from the ribs. Turn the ribs over to reveal the insides of the ribs.

Use a knife to cut the meat and a paper towel to keep it down. Carefully cut from one end of the ribs, then get hold of the thick white membrane with another paper towel.

With your hands, carefully peel the membrane apart and guide the knife through the insides.  This membrane hardens when cooked, so it’s essential to remove it before cooking.

After removing the membrane, apply the desired seasoning or rub to the beef’s ribs. You may use anything you wish or the Competition Smoked Rub.

3. Season The Ribs:

Place the beef’s ribs on a dish and massage all sides with your chosen spice. Make sure you apply it all over the ribs, so there are no areas that are too bland or too strong in flavor.

Rest the ribs on a tray for 15 minutes to absorb some of the flavors from the seasoning. Then, using Apple Hardwood Pellets, preheat the Pit Boss grill.

These pellets are ideal for adding a nice touch of sweetness to the already delectable beef ribs. It’s also a lighter wood, so it won’t dominate over the natural tastes of the ribs.

Preheat the Pit Boss grill for 15 minutes with the lid closed. Set the temperature to 200°F and wait for it to reach that temperature while the ribs are resting.

Fill up the pellet hopper of the grill, because it will be cooking for a long time, which means it will need quite some pellets to roast the beef’s ribs for hours.

4. Cook The Ribs:

Place the ribs on the grill grate with the meat side up. Allow them to smoke for at least 2 hours with the lid closed, and don’t open the lid too frequently or you’ll cool the grill down.

Remove the ribs from the grill after 2 hours and raise the temperature to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius). Prepare the apple juice and a set of aluminum foil for the beef’s ribs.

Make aluminum foil boats large enough to hold a single rack of ribs. Place each rib on a piece of aluminum foil, then pour one cup of apple juice over each rack of ribs before sealing the foil.

Return the beef’s ribs to the grill and smoke them for another 2 hours. After that, take them off the grill and out of the aluminum foil packing.

Increase the heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and then close the grill cover. Remove the ribs from the apple juice and generously coat each rack of ribs with barbecue sauce.

5. Wrap The Ribs:

Get some aluminum foil and use it to make big pans or boat-shaped wraps. You’ll need one for each of your beef’s ribs, so make as much as you the need for the smoking.

Make sure that each boat has at least two layers of aluminum foil to prevent it from ripping off. Place each beef rib on a boat, then fill the boat with apple juice.

A cup of apple juice for each boat should suffice. Fold the aluminum foil inside to seal the ribs and prevent the apple juice from leaking out.

6. Re-Cook The Ribs:

Return the ribs to the grill and cook them for another 2 hours with the lid covered. Allow them to soak and simmer in the apple juice for 2 hours before removing them.

Set the grill to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and remove the beef ribs from the apple juice. Return the ribs to the grill once it has reached the desired temperature. At this stage, the ribs are done and all you’re doing now is giving them a beautiful and delicious crust.

Coat the ribs with the barbecue sauce and set aside to let the sauce thicken up a little. It will take about 15 minutes, so leave the ribs to cook for a few minutes first.

Don’t turn off the grill because the sugar in the apple juice and the natural fats can easily catch fire and produce flare-ups that will burn the ribs. Allow the ribs to rest for at least 15 minutes after cooking before serving with any side dishes.


This technique always yields a delicate and juicy pair of ribs that I’m quite sure everyone will appreciate. With a single pull, the soft flesh that has been cooked for hours will just slip off the bone.

The sweet flavor from both the rub and the apple juice complements the meaty taste of the rib nicely. You may modify the recipe and use other seasonings on the ribs too.

Be creative, but always follow the recommended temperature, time and guidelines in the recipe above to ensure that you always have the best beef rib racks on the table for enjoyment with your family and friends!

  1. Pit Boss Chicken Recipe

pit boss recipes


  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • 5 pounds of chicken thighs
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Half a cup soy sauce
  • Two-thirds cup brown sugar
  • 5 minced garlic cloves
  • 1 onion, minced
  • 1 tablespoon of ginger root
  • 1 teaspoon powdered 5-spice


1. Get The Tools You’ll Need:

Gather everything you need and set it near the grill, so you don’t have to walk back and forth into the house to grab what you need while you’re already cooking.

Tongs, a grill spatula, aluminum foil, a pan or tray, a brush for the sauce, a glass baking dish, a cast-iron skillet, a mesh strainer, plastic wrap, and a whisk are some of the main tools you’ll need. These will also need you to use a larger table, so make sure you have one or a proper space beforehand.

Any of the utensils listed above are not really unique to this Pit Boss grill recipe, so if you don’t have some of them, you may substitute with other similar tool options or alternatives for the recipe.

2. Prepare The Teriyaki Sauce:

In a large mixing bowl, combine and mix the soy sauce, honey, brown sugar, chicken broth, chopped garlic, minced onion, ginger, and the five-spice powder.

Prepare the chicken thighs and run them through cold water, making sure that the water stream doesn’t flow too fast as to not damage the chicken tights. Then thaw them after the sauce is ready.

Once thawed, put the chicken thighs in a glass baking dish and drizzle with teriyaki sauce. Refrigerate the mixture overnight, covered with aluminum foil.

3. Get The Pit Boss Grill Ready:

Fill the pellet hopper with the finest pellets you can find for your chicken tights. Set the temperature of the Pit Boss pellet grill to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is the optimum temperature for this cooking technique and you will be pleased with the results for sure.

Allow the Sear Slide to open when preheating and subsequently while cooking. Allow the grill to warm for about 15 minutes or until it reaches the desired temperature.

4. Grill The Chicken Thighs:

Make sure you stir the marinade regularly to keep it from burning. After 15 minutes, coat the chicken thighs with the thicker marinade and flip them over.

Allow it to cook for another 15 minutes on the opposite side after basting.

5. Let Them Rest Before Serving:

Once the glaze has caramelized and thickened, remove the chicken thighs from the grill. Allow the chicken thighs to rest for at least 5 minutes on a chopping board before serving.

This will allow the juices to flow back and soak into the muscles. You may then give them an even juicier finish while also enabling the chicken meat to become softer.

A meat probe is also a proper way to determine if the chicken thighs are sufficiently cooked. The second time you cook the chicken thighs, insert a meat thermometer probe into the cooked meat.

Allow them to come up to the desired temperature and don’t take them from the grill until they reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


You may also use a different sauce for this dish if you want something more familiar. The key is to use the proper temperature, timer, and equipment to cook the chicken quarters perfectly.

Follow the instructions of the Pit Boss recipe above to prepare the best BBQ meal for your family!

  1. How to Make a Pit Boss Smoked Turkey Recipe

pit boss recipes


  • One whole turkey thawed, neck and giblets removed
  • 4-quart water
  • One cup of salt
  • Apple-flavored seasoning or a few apples
  • One cup olive oil


1. Wash The turkey:

Rinse the chicken well and wipe it dry with a paper towel. To open the bag, use a sharp knife.

Allow the chicken to drain for a few minutes before turning on the water. With your hand, remove the neck, heart, liver, and other left overs from the cavity.

Wash the chicken well in salt water before placing it on top of the cutting board with paper towels. Before seasoning, pat it dry with paper towels.

2. Preheat The Pit Boss:

Preheat the grill before you begin seasoning the turkey. The grill might take up to 5 minutes to heat up. Increase the temperature to 275-300 degrees Fahrenheit for crisper yummy skin.

3. Use Applewood Pellets:

By using Applewood pellets you will get a delicious apple-smoked flavor and would have your turkey with a more smoked sweet apple aroma.

4. Seasoning The Turkey:

To get the best apple-smoked taste, use an apple-flavored spice. Rub olive oil all over the turkey and cover it well with your favorite apple-wood seasoning.

If you don’t want an apple-flavored sauce, substitute with your preferred spice in place of that seasoning. One of the advantages of cooking on the Pit Boss grill is that you may season the meat to your liking.

You may season it a day ahead of time to obtain a stronger seasoning taste. It will allow the spice to seep into the chicken for a longer period. Wrap the seasoned chicken in aluminum foil and place it in the fridge for the following day.

5. Stuff The Cavity:

Take your pick of the apples for the filling. If you like, you can use a sweet apple variety for enhanced sweeter flavor. Using an apple corer, core the apples. Remove the core from the turkey and fill it with the cored pieces.

6. Turkey Trussing:

The chicken has been seasoned, trussed, and is ready to go on the pellet grill. Trussing the chicken will not only keep the apples from falling out of the cavity, but it will also keep the bird from falling apart during the cooking.

It also helps everything cook evenly, preventing the wings and legs from burning out. If you grill an entire chicken without trussing it, the hot air will dry out the breasts before the legs and thighs are completely done.

7. Grill The Turkey:

Place the turkey on the grill and insert the probe into the thickest portion of the bird, but without touching the bone.

The cook time will vary based on the size of the chicken, the temperature of the grill, and a few other factors. If you cook the whole chicken at 275-300 degrees Fahrenheit, it will take between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Using a reliable meat thermometer, check the interior temperature of the meat. The thighs should be about 175°F and the breast should be around 165°F.

Then it’s time to remove it from the grill and set it aside to rest.

8. Resting Period:

Remove the chicken from the grill when it is done. To avoid injury, make sure you have some grilling gloves on hand.

Place it on a chopping board and set aside for 15 minutes before slicing. The resting phase is crucial for reabsorbing moisture and keeping the meat soft and juicy.

9. Slicing The Turkey:

After the resting period, cut a piece of the turkey and try it out. You should be able to detect a smoky apple flavor that makes you want to lick your fingers!


  1. Pit Boss Steak Recipe

pit boss recipes


  • Beef
  • Butter
  • Thyme
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Basil
  • Cayenne
  • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Yellow Mustard Powder


1. Get The Right Tools:

To cook your steak like a master, you’ll need the appropriate equipment to go along with your pellet grill smoker.

For example, you’ll need a meat thermometer probe to precisely check the interior temperature of the meat. Some recipes call for the meat to be at room temperature. As a result, you’ll need a thermometer to check this.

Barbecue grates are another item that works nicely with your grill. Searing your meat would be a lot easier with this gadget. It can also assist you in getting the best-grilled meat you can make at your home.

2. Preparing Steaks For The Grill:

So, now that you’ve got the appropriate equipment for your grill, it’s time to get to work on cooking the meat. Remember that the quality of the meat you’re grilling will also affect the outcome of your steak.

There are eight beef prime cuts, although most people choose the T-bone, rib eye, strip steak, and sirloin steak. If you like steaks, you know that rib eye is the king!

3. Cook The Steak As Follows:

The first option is to start cooking on the hottest temp of the grill you can get. Sear the outside and serve. It allows you to create a juicy, tender, and rarely delicious center while maintaining the exterior crispy, well-seared, and delectable. Your barbecue’s surface will have the distinct flavor and scent of well-grilled food.

The second choice is to use the reverse sear technique to grill your steak. The smoke will then penetrate the entire steak as opposed to simply the well-done surface.

The First Option Method:

Allow your steak to rest for at least one hour before cooking. Make sure there is no moisture on the surface of your steak before cooking it. It’s critical to avoid moisture since it might cause steaming in a hot grill.

The quality of the sear will suffer as a result of this. You can get a flawlessly seared texture for your crust by keeping the surface smooth and dry.

You must ensure that your Pit Boss pellet grill is preheated at a high temperature for this option. When the steak lands on the grill at a high temperature, you will immediately hear a sizzling sound. Before cooking, warm your Pit Boss pellet grill to at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

When searing, lay your steak on the hottest section of the grill for the best results. By doing that, you should aim for the middle of the cooking surface.

The Second Choice Method:

The reverse sear technique is a little more complex than the first choice, but the results are well worth it. It will provide a wonderful smokey flavor to all portions of your steak, making it irresistible.

Before you fire up your Pit Boss pellet barbecue, you should also prepare your meat. Remove the steak from the refrigerator and blot it dry with a towel or clean cloth.

It will guarantee that all moisture from the surface is eliminated. Remember that moisture can interfere with searing since it vaporizes at high temperatures.

Allow your steak to rest for at least an hour on the counter for the best results. However, if you use the reverse sear technique, you may rest your steak for as short as twenty minutes if you’re in a hurry. Because the grill temperature will be reduced, your steak will be subjected to a lesser heat before searing.

Place them where there will be the least amount of direct heat and the most amount of smoke flow. We’re more interested in smoking the steak at lower temperatures using this approach. It is best accomplished using the highest grill rack.


The method you decide to use will be determined by the sort of steak you have and your cooking skills. If this is your first time hearing about reverse searing, start by cooking the steak with the traditional first option.

Your first steak may not turn out exactly as you want it, though. But that’s perfectly fine, just keep practicing and you’ll be an expert at grilling steaks in no time.

We hope you liked learning about some of the most delicious Pit Boss recipes for your grill smoker. You should definitely try these recipes in your new grill or smoker.

Wood smoke improves the flavor of the meal you’re cooking, making it even more irresistible for you to enjoy at your backyard party, holiday gatherings or family dinners.

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