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Best Offset Smoker: Which One Do You Like

You want the best offset smoker for your next outdoor barbeque, right! Great, then you have arrived at the right place.

But which one do you choose? Unfortunately, you find the market filled with unpredictable models leaking soot and a no-go when smoking meat. So, yes, you have a limited budget but still want to use a reliable horizontal offset smoker.

Well, we are here to help you find just that to take your cooking to the next level with our top offset smokers reviewed here—each barbeque selected on design, quality, functionality, and features recommended by pitmasters.

So instead of spending your money on a non-reliable product, check the ones out here!

Review of the Best Offset Smokers

While buying a longhorn smoker is not always straightforward, you can find some of the best ones right here. So spend your money wisely by selecting your preferred one from the recommended list.

#1 Best Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

Dyna-Glo Signature Series

best offset smoker

Okay, we must agree that this is not one of your traditional offset smokers, but it is perfect if you have limited space. You can still prepare tons of food and a top pick on our list. Yes, it does have a low price but does not compromise on quality. The heavy-duty iron is thick and sturdy to withstand some beating from the heat, and the food prep capacity is outstanding.

You get five racks you can remove, and what more do you need with the 1,098 sq. in. of smoking. WOW, it even includes sausage hooks to hang your homemade bangers while the 284 sq. in. the grilling area keeps the fire going in the firebox. Okay, but about temperature control. No problem, they have taken care of that with the upright design spreading the heat evenly.

The only downside is you can expect some smoke leakage from the door, but we recommend fitting it with a gasket to give it a tighter seal. Then, when you seal it up, you have a vast and decent offset smoker capable of creating some delicious cuisine.


  • Assembled size : 58.8″ (H) x 45.5″ (W) x 24.9″ (D)
  • Fuel type : wood or charcoal
  • 1,382 square inch cooking capacity
  • Made with heavy-duty steel with chrome-plated wire
  • Smoke Zone Temperature Gauge with Cool-To-Touch Handles/ Spring Lid and Oversized Wheels
  • Weight : 124.3lbs
  • Warranty : one year


  • Value for money
  • The sausage hooks are a great add on
  • It has a fuel-efficient design.
  • Easy to clean using the slide-out ash pan


  • The thick metal design causes heat loss in colder weather.
  • Does lose smoke around the door but sealing it with a gasket solves the problem.

Final Thoughts

The DGSS1382VCS-D offers you money worth spending with a huge cooking area without taking up too much room. You get a flexible cooking area, and the build is exceptional while keeping constant heat throughout your cooking. One thing is sure it is a worthy investment.

#2 Best Budget Friendly Stick-Burner

Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

best offset smokerThe American Gourmet is the family man’s smoker with an entry-level price. You can easily cater to a family of eight, and the best part is it is portable to take with camping. You get a functional two-barrel structure that works perfectly for beginners. The firepit separates from the main chamber when smoking.

The body is enormous with a single-level grate and does not stop the smoke from moving around, allowing even cooking food. While it does not have a considerable cooking space, it can easily handle large pieces of meat or smaller cuts. In addition, the wood basket has a clean-out door making cleaning a breeze.

The firebox and smokestack you find on the opposite side prevent the smoke from getting trapped in only the half section of the grill. So how do I control the smoke? It comes with an adjustable cover on the smokestack controlling the inside heat at the same time.

The grills are porcelain covers to retain heat and provide a smooth coating easy to wipe clean. There is a side shelf with a storage rack, and it comes with casters for moving it around. The best of all is the built-in gauge to keep an eye on the temperature throughout your cooking. But we still recommend using an extra digital probe for better results.


  • Assembled size : 44.75″ (H) x 46.25″ (W) x 17.5″ (D)
  • Fuel type : Charcoal
  • 290 square inch cooking capacity in the cooking chamber
  • 140 square inch grilling surface in firebox chamber
  • Adjustable steel grate with built-in damper,clean-out door, and temp gauge
  • Weight : 38lbs


  • Versatility to use as a grill or smoker
  • Side shelf for meal prep with a place to hang your utensils
  • Easy to clean
  • Worth money spent


Quality concerns in the build

Final Thoughts

Are you a beginner smoker and need a low-priced horizontal offset smoker? Then this product has your name written on it. You can use it to prepare delicious meats. But if you’re a pitmaster, you may be disappointed using this model.

#3 Best Beginner Offset Smoker

Royal Gourmet CC1830SC

best offset smoker

The CC1830SC brings together some handy features to tempt any grill enthusiast. The smoker griddle combo presents families with plenty of cooking space for backyard get-togethers or camping. It has a lightweight design of 54.3 pounds to move around.

The steel wiring grilles clean easily, so there is no need for elbow grease using it. For cooking, it provides you with an 801 sq. inch food-prep surface. Okay, but how do I check the temperature? The grid comes well prepared with a lid-mounted gauge to make things simpler, yeah. So you can easily tend to the coals without removing any of the gratings.

You can slide open dampers to help stoke the fire and control the temp by lowering or raising the fire pan. Your main chamber comprises 442.7 sq. in. while the side box has 184 sq. in. enough for grilling and smoking. You even get a swing-away rack for warming foodstuff, which is ample enough to simplify things.


  • Assembled size: 53.7 x 28.2 x 48.8 inches
  • Fuel type :Charcoal
  • 801 sq. inch cooking capacity in the cooking chamber
  • Porcelain-coated steel wiring with chrome-plated warming rack
  • You receive a side door for adding coal with air vent stocks and a free cover.
  • Two-level adjustable pan with front/side shelves and bottom shelf plus wheels
  • Weight :52.3lbs


  • Easy to assemble
  • Straightforward to clean
  • Roomy cooking area
  • Outstanding performance taking the price into consideration


  • Some people have trouble finding replacement grates.
  • Cannot detach the smoker

Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure if you are a beginner or seasoned user, the combination charcoal grill and smoker is a hit on our list. Another fantastic thing about everything you get beating the price is not easy compared to the other products on the list.

#4 Best Portable Backyard Offset Smoker

Outsunny Backyard Charcoal BBQ

best offset smoker

The Outsunny is another one of the best offset smokers for beginners on our list. With the compact size, you can easily find a spot if you have a limited location. Do you want the ultimate backyard experience? You will not go wrong investing in this model.

The thermometer is comfortable to read and connected to the lid, so no need for opening it the whole time. There are two shelves with a grate of metal for added space and storage. Moving the grill is a breeze with the wheels. You can use it for barbeque, smoking, and grilling.

It has a side vent to increase the flow of the air, while the fire pit is sealed and great for smoking meat. You get angled legs for stability, and the structure is rust-resistant to last for many years.


  • Assembled size : 48.75″L x 21″W x 42.5″H
  • Fuel type:  Charcoal
  • Two shelves with metal grating below and wheels
  • The easy-to-read thermometer on the lid
  • Weight:  37.5lbs
  • Working Temperature : from 100 to 1000-degrees F


  • It takes up a minimal place if your backyard is small.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Exceptional price
  • Straightforward to clean
  • FDA Certified


Quality control concerns

Final Thoughts

While not a massive smoker, it is perfect for budget-conscious users. You can only cook small portions, but it gets the job done. So if you do have limited funds, check it out today.

#5 Best Gourmet  Offset Smoker

Char-Griller E1224

best offset smokerDo you enjoy barbequing? Of course, you do, and the E1224 might be for you. It looks like your traditional offset grill and smoker, and it has an adjustable burning tray. You can use it to make burgers, steak, or anything else on the cast-iron grates. The rack inside adjusts for the charcoal to control your fire to get a perfect sear.

The heavy-duty construction should last a long time, while the side-mounted fire pit has a door with a damper to adjust the airflow. For ease of use, the drawer for coal slides out and helps make removing the ash simpler. In addition, there are timber shelves on the side and front, adding storage for keeping utensils on hand.

The smoking pro has an average weight of 113lbs with two wheels for transporting. You get an 830 sq. inches cooking area, with the sidebox offering 250 sq. inches. So the grilling area is only 580 sq. in. and usable in most parts of the main compartment. So grillers, you can cook up to two whole turkeys on this horizontal burner.


  • Assembled size : 62″ X 29″ X 50″
  • Fuel type : Charcoal
  • 830 square inches with 580 sq. in cooking space and 250 sq. in. firebox
  • Designed with the main chamber and side firebox
  • You get a removable charcoal drawer with a temp gauge, two wheels, and a storage rack.
  • Weight : 113 lbs


  • Durable construction
  • Non-stick cast iron grates
  • Slide-out firebox


The painted steel fire pit causes bubbles from high temperatures and leaks some smoke.

Final Thoughts

The offset smoker is ideal if you enjoy occasional grilling and smoked food. For the price, we love the combo design, and it fits into most budgets. In contrast, it is better at smoking cuisine than grilling. We do recommend getting a gasket for the door and adding a thermometer as well. Yet, it is capable of smoking anything you prepare to perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions: Offset Smoker

How do you maintain the temperature in your stick-burner?

Always remember that the temperature fluctuates throughout your cooking and can be unpredictable. You can do the following:

  • If the fire is going out, open the dampers for more airflow.
  • Then, you can add more coal or wood and use a charcoal starter wand set on the fan to blow hot air to bring the fire back up.
  • If the heat is running too high, we recommend closing the dampers.

Where do I put the coals in my horizontal smoker?

Please make sure the lid of the cooking compartment is closed, and add your briquettes to the fire pit as it helps maintain your fire. To bring the heat into the smoker, keep adding coal to the box.

What Size Offset Smoker Should I Buy?

For cost savings, the 16-inch is ideal when it comes to weight. But if you prefer something more versatile, choosing a 20-inch model is better for your catering gigs.

How Much Does an Offset Smoker Need?

It depends on the design you buy, as each firebox has a limited weight. So when starting your fire, you can add up to four-sized chunks of your log and enough to create smoke as it is primarily your heat source.

Are there specific woods you should avoid with an offset smoker?

Yes, softwoods such as redwood, cedar, spruce, pine, cypress, and fir. Unfortunately, the lumber contains terpenes resulting in a funny taste and can make you sick.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best offset smokers you can find available at budget-friendly prices. The fantastic thing is to stoke your fire using wood pellets, logs, wood chips, or chunks. There is no need to open your main chamber, and many of them offer you direct grilling simultaneously. So which one do you like? Feel free to let us know, as we would love to hear from you.

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