best meats to smoke for beginners

Best Meats to Smoke for Beginners To Get Started

Who said smoked meat you can only enjoy in summer! Wrong, you can enjoy some of the most delectable cuisine making smoked meat throughout the year.

There are no restrictions. You can use some of the best smokers inside or outside the home. Maybe you have never tried it before, but you can even as a beginner. There are no limits. Great, I have my meat smoker, but how do I know the best meats to use for smoking is.

We’ve got you covered as the best meats for smoking are the cheap, less coveted cuts and fatty. You can find them easily compared to those expensive options, even without compromising the flavor. So are you ready? Here are some of the meats you can easily find to smoke in that new BBQ grill of yours.

Our Favorite Cuts of Meat to Smoke

Here you can find a selection of different meat produce in no particular order to add to your grill to enjoy throughout the year.

#1 Making Delicious Beef Ribs

Many people refer to it as “Brisket on a Stick,” and it can be tricky to find. However, if you can find them, it is worth your time to make it. Preferably get larger ribs found from the lower end. Either from the chuck or plate ribs with a good inch of meat on them. Remember to set the temperature right as it needs to go long and slow up to six hours for that tenderness to melt in your mouth. Check out this fantastic recipe from Meatheads for some inspiration on making Texas Style Short Ribs. According to the master chef, short ribs have more meat, and you can buy them in shorties or slabs with individual bones, riblets, or connected bones.

#2 Mmm Smoked Beef Cheeks

A what? The meat is lean and taken from the cow’s cheek muscles. The best is as it is a grazing animal that muscles do loads of work and therefore, it is also affordable yet a tough cut made for charcoal smoking at a constant heat and slow. When done at a slow pace, the taste is excellent and tender especially, in tacos. You can expect to sit and relax for five hours, which is how long it takes before it is finally cooked. Want a tasty and easy recipe? Look at this one from How To BBQ Right.

#3 Perk Up Your Bland Turkey Breast

Yes, turkey can be dry meat but does not have to be. You know how fast it can dry out when placed in the oven. So to help liven up this popular meal, it is best to use flavored brine or an injection method before cooking it. Doing this helps retain moisture leaving you with a soft yet tender piece of meat full of flavor. Expect to cook for up to four hours of smoking time. So get the recipe here to start smoking up a storm.

#4 Yummie Chicken Breast

As with Turkey, Chicken also dries out when you prepare it. But with some added care and adding flavors, even beginners can master it. Using a brining of salt and water with hickory flavor chunks, the breast is moist and tender. You can also add some smoked flavor chicken rub to spice things up. However, keep an eye on the heat throughout the process. Check out this fantastic video on how to make it.

#5 Scrumptious Chuck Roast

The meat cut of beef comes from the shoulder section. You get loads of flavor, but remember, this part has a lot of muscle and can be tough. Yet, if done right, it is juicy and works well with low and slow cooking to gently break the connective tissues down. So you get a cheap cut that is chewy yet tenderized to enjoy. It takes up to six-hour to smoke before you can enjoy this hearty meal. Here you can find the recipe with instructions on how to make it yourself. You will notice they use a foil pan to catch all the drippings.

#5 Make Your Own Spatchcock Chicken

The following you can make with any poultry as well. Using a whole chicken provides you with remarkable results when prepared on your smoker. Now you will hear many people telling you to keep the temp low. NO, it turns out rubbery, and the best is to keep it at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It does the trick as the hotter it is. Also, it has a shorter cooking time of at least 1.5 hours. So break in your brand new pellet smoker with this recipe.

#6 Why Make Lamb Leg Roast if You Can Smoke It

Lamb’s leg smokes well, and you can buy it in two different cuts. The narrow shank end or the fattier sirloin end. For smoking, our choice is the fatty sirloin section. Using it allows the fat to start melting away to give that added tender taste slowly. So grab your deck chair and enjoy the outdoors or sit inside for up to four hours. Yes, this is how long it takes. You Need BBQ has a great recipe you can try and is perfect for the whole family.

#7 Smoked Lamb Shoulder

While Beef is a popular choice for smoking, lamb is also an excellent choice. You get rich smoky overtones with the best taste not made possible with roasting. Also, it is a hard-working muscle, so it is dense with much connective tissue such as chuck. So fire up that pellet smoker with some cherry wood flavors and take it slow. As easy as that, so make this lamb shoulder by following this recipe.

#8 Smoked Beef Brisket

Brisket butchers cut from the lower chest of the cow. The cut is enormous and takes loads of patience for slow cooking. The best part is that the meat retains its shape, and you can slice it to enjoy with some slaw or make sandwiches. While beginners might find it challenging to get it right the first time, make sure you get the best beef cut for wood smoking. Try this smoked brisket using apple wood to bring out the flavors.

#8 Sausage Smoked

Yip, buying your favorite sausage is one of the easiest ways to smoke, even for a novice. Your poultry banger will come out delicious using a rub. Heat it to 225 degrees and use that super smoke function if you have one. Once the meat reaches 155 degrees internally, that takes around two hours. So pull out those babies and enjoy them.

#9 Salmon Smoking Hot

Okay, you thought it was all about meat. Salmon is meat but only from fish. Smoking salmon is pretty straightforward, using two baking sheets, some plastic wrap, brown sugar, black pepper, and more. Then, you are ready to start smoking. Traeger brand has a fabulous recipe with videos you can check out. It takes up to four hours, and they have a step-by-step guide as well.

#10 Tri-Tip

The meat is fast gaining popularity with barbeque smokers. The butcher cuts it from the lower section of the sirloin or on the rear of the animal. It has a triangular shape and weighs around three pounds when you trim it up. The process is not long when you make a lean cut, making it great as a brisket alternative. For tender results, ensure it has loads of marbling running through it. Expect about two hours of cooking, and it makes for an excellent evening meal in winter or summer. Here we have a great video you can look at on how to make Tri-Tip:

Wrapping Things Up

To tenderize meat, adding different flavors of smoking is the best way to achieve this. Using a slow yet long process transforms any cheap yet tough cut into tender, mouth-watering meals. We hope the list of the best meats to smoke for beginners helps you to get started. Check out all the videos and recipes as well.


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